learn. discover. validate.

hypothesis delivers customer development research to leading entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups and disruptive ventures using a proprietary continuous market research framework™ to provide insight and viability for the next big idea.

what we do

learn. discover. validate.

hypothesis framework delivers real-world customer development intuition today using industry proven quantitative and qualitative marketing research strategy.


Ideas are great! However, moving from idea to profitable business is risky without measured research through investigation. Our platform minimizes uncertainty with our proprietary continuous market research framework™.


Hypothesis customer development research process™ leverages advanced machine learning technology, such as IBM’s Watson personality insight and tradeoff analysis. Our domain research and expertise uses CDR (customer development research) process to develop the right experiments for actionable learning and discovery.


Actionable learning is the information gained during the discover process that uncovers what your customer wants today and instigate your next action. Want to gain valuable insights into your market and validate your business? Contact us today to begin the conversation.

seeking ideas to validate

Are you a US-based team planning to launch new technology or SaaS product this year? Apply today to take advantage of valuable customer development marketing research. Gain valuable insight into your target market and prospective customers prior to investing time and money into building a product. Apply Now!


Applications received by the 15th of the month are reviewed and notified by the 1st of the following month. Please contact us with any questions.


Each application will be reviewed to ensure it will be in alignment with the the hypothesis framework.
Applicants must be located in US.
Only early stage, pre-launch, or not yet operational technology product companies/products will be considered.
Applicant must describe a new business, early stage company, or pre-launch product.


hypothesis has developed a unique platform that market tests ‘ideas' for technology products that enables entrepreneurs to understand their market so they are building products that others actually want to buy. We are offering a limited number of space for US-based tech startups (or pre-launch new products for existing companies) the opportunity to join our alpha.


To enter you must meet the following requirements
Be a technology startup (including not yet operational), less than 2 years old with an idea or actual technology product.
Be located within the United States.
Be able to meet in person on occasion in our Durham offices or via teleconference.
Agree to the following terms:
Applications may be submitted by individuals or by teams, but all applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
Applicants must be located within the United States.
Only early stage, pre-launch, or not yet operational technology product or service companies will be considered.
All Applicants must be the original work of those making the submission.
Applications must describe a new business or an early stage company or pre-launch idea.
Partially completed entry applications or those submitted after deadline will not be accepted.
The decisions of the hypothesis are final, including interpretation of the rules.
Applicants must be available to commence market research activities within 30 days of acceptance.
All selections including interpretation of the elibibility are final and are within complete purview of selection committee.
Applicants also acknowledge hypothesis is an alpha product and agree to provide both input into the marketing process and well as feedback and being available to meet weekly during the service period.
The value of the marketing research services provided to the winners during the 30 day period is valued between $25,000 and $35,000. Selected participants will execute a convertible note with Hypothesis for $25,000 due within 12 months for marketing services rendered prior to service period. Companies can opt to do fee for service option. Winners may also have the option to convert to hypothesis clients at close of marketing period.


hypothesis makes decisions on the 1st of each month.

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about us

understanding the customer, discovering how your idea satisfies the market, and using research best practice to nurture the development the idea is our objective.

hypothesis founded 2016 in Durham, NC by serial entrepreneurs Chuck Solomon and Parris Lucas . The founders have been friends for years, assisting one another with their individual respective ventures. The time was right and the idea was right to join forces to launch hypothesis.

Your idea matters.

Have you ever had a great idea for a new product or service? Feel free to contact us.

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